How did I get here and how can I get better with holistic medicine?

We experience so many stressors in a given day, the body uses valuable resources to recalibrate and sustain our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies on a daily basis, draining what we call in Chinese medicine our Qi (energy) and Jing (vitality). Should we experience a physical or emotional trauma, let’s say an accident or loss of a loved one leaving us at an even a greater deficit if not debilitated; our body and mind in a state of prolonged stress and the risk of developing chronic mental health issues.  In Waking the Tiger: healing Trauma, Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick note “that our bodies have the ability to store traumatic experiences in the form of physical sensations and symptoms. These unresolved traumas can manifest in various ways, such as chronic pain, anxiety, and even behavioral issue.” 

The solution is taking that unresolved trauma that is literally held in the tissues and releasing the experiences the are lodged there. Using healing modalities like acupuncture, body work and herbal and the medicine of plants patients don’t just simply survive they thrive!  

Healing Services

Initial Visit

During your initial acupuncture visit, we begin with a thorough intake session, this includes gathering detailed information about medical history, current symptoms, lifestyle, and goals for treatment to understand your unique health needs. Then a physical evaluation that includes vital information and Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis is done. After discussing the treatment plan, anticipated results and timelines I begin your first treatment. Throughout the process, open communication is maintained to ensure your comfort and the effectiveness of the treatment. This can last up to 30 minutes. After the intake the patient receives their first treat that can include and other supportive therapies such as gua sha/ Chinese bodywork, cupping or essential oils

75 minutes/ $145

Acupuncture Treatments

These treatments are follow up treatments to the initial and focus on resolving the initial symptoms. Patients can expect to have a series of 8-10 treatments of acupuncture and any additional therapies such as cupping, gua sha/ Chinese bodywork to resolve the initial concern. The first 15-20 minutes include intake information and then a relaxing 30 minute treatment after the needles are inserted. Patients are advised to schedule these appoints on a day where they can relax as to not disrupt the energetic medicine of the treatment. Before or after you may receive the accompanying therapies such as the cupping, gua sha/ Chinese bodywork.

60 minutes/ $95


The practice is based on the principle of trauma-informed acupuncture where general areas of the body that hold stress, trauma and pain are addressed through touch in respect to the meridians, the organs and acupuncture points. Borrowing from somatic practices, this treatment modality uses touch to access the nervous system. Once the nervous system is regulated patients find they are more resilient with the ebbs and flow of life’s stresses and the held experiences are once and for all released. The treatment can include acupuncture and/or the medicine of plants such as essential oils or flower essences as supports.

75 minutes/ $165

Credit cards, cash and Health Savings Accounts are accepted. Although insurance is not accepted a reimbursement can be generated for out-of-network benefits.

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